Expert janitorial service tips 

Carpets are a great addition to any office. They add appeal and comfort. Yet, they also require a lot of maintenance. Here are some expert tips on caring for the carpet provided by an expert janitorial service company. 

Vacuum thoroughly

Most of the damage done to the carpet is caused by the buildup of soil and dirt. Vacuum often and thoroughly to remove these pollutants and extend the life of the carpet. 

Get the stains ASAP

Almost all stains can be removed from the fibers if treated as soon as possible. Always start with the mildest detergent and work up. Be sure to neutralize acidic or alkaline cleaners after use.

Carpets can be difficult to maintain at times. Yet, there are ways to achieve this task and extend the life of the fabric. If you would like to learn more about carpet care, contact a professional janitorial service company. An example of one such enterprise is Jerry's Professionals Cleaning Service in Salina, KS.